“You’re Going to Be a Star” ft. HJT

January 21, 2020
Season 3 | Episode 2

HJT, Celebrity Publicists and Producer shares his dynamic journey in the entertainment industry.

On this episode of the BYLU Campaign podcast, Daniel and Nathan invite HJT, Celebrity Publicists, and Producer to the show to discuss the dynamic journey that led him from seeking a publicist to being the Meme Agency’s first PR Representative.

Here we address the challenges of staying grounded in the entertainment industry, highlight the importance of surrounding yourself with good people, and explain how to build relationships with people of influence.

Tune in to this open dialogue as HJT drops queue gems applicable to everyday life and reveals his upcoming talk show and “For Colored Girls” hip hopera.

Growth Takeaways: 

  • Not every opportunity is a good opportunity.
  • Be thankful for the little things.
  • If you know your first & last name that’s all you need.
  • You don’t have to look like what you’ve been through.
  • Celebrities want to be treated like humans. Have respect. 
  • Follows ≠ Influencer

Time Stamped Topics:

  • [5:35] – Background
  • [13:00] – I Prayed For This...
  • [19:09] – How I Become a Publicists 
  • [25:07] – Everything You Are is Already Inside
  • [35:12] – How to Stay Grounded?
  • [42:20] – Dealing with the Entertainment Industry
  • [52:20] – Showing up as an Equal

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