The Mentee Chronicles

October 23, 2018
Season 1 | Episode 5

What are you looking to gain from your mentor relationship? On this episode we discuss the relationship between mentees and mentors.

What are you looking to gain from your mentor relationship? Are you looking for accountability or a handout? Are you even a good mentee? If so, what makes you one? Rarely is the mentee role discussed outside of the strategies to secure mentors and the surface level tactics to keep them. On this episode of the BYLU Campaign podcast, Daniel and Nathan discuss “The Mentee Chronicles: Finding Myself,” the January article, where Nate explores the in’s and out’s of the mentee-mentor relationship. Tune in as we discuss the prerequisites to being mentored, and Nate shares his shortcomings as a mentee. 

The BYLU Takeaways:

  • No one can do the work for you!
  • Our values provide a structure for our decision making. Know your values!
  • The quality of the question determines the quality of the response.
  • Develop a definite purpose. If you are not clear about what you want, you will never obtain it.

Time Stamped Topics:

  • [6:50] - The Importance of Knowing Who You Are
  • [12:43] - What Do You What Out of Life? Be Decisive
  • [19:50] - When You Don’t You Want...
  • [25:15] - When You Don’t Know Who You Are…
  • [33:00] - Weaknesses - Kanye Picks Jay Over Dame
  • [41:35] - Danny’s Mentee Experience

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