April 9, 2019
Season 2 | Episode 7

What does "life is a marathon not a sprint " really mean? Tune in as we unpack the 8 Stages of our life's marathon.

“The Race Is Not To The Swift Or Strong But To Those Who Endure To The End”   

A marathon is a tale of two races. You run the first race with your head and the second with your heart. On this episode of the BYLU Campaign podcast, Daniel and Nathan discuss “Endurance,” the March article, which breaks down the 8 Stages of our life’s marathon. Here we highlight the importance of assessing where your confidence is rooted, the financial impacts of arrogance/pride, and more. Tune in as we also pay respect to our mentor Nipsey “Neighborhood” Hussle, shift our perspective on the cliche “life is not a sprint it’s a marathon.”, and announce a new sponsor of the podcast!

 The BYLU Takeaways:

  • Only confidence rooted in self-belief stands the test of time.
  • Be open to all parts of the marathon.
  • It will take 3x longer than you expect.
  • Lessons can be expensive, so the earlier, the better.

Time Stamped Topics:

  • [14:57] - Olympic Champion
  • [21:33] - Stage 1: Excitement
  • [27:17] - Stage 2: Denial
  • [32:57] - Stage 3: Shock
  • [40:37] - Stage 4:  Isolation
  • [48:32] - Stage 5 - 6: Despair / “The Wall”
  • [1:03:07] - Stage 7:  Affirmation

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