Don't Shrink!

September 10, 2019
Season 2 | Episode 17

Are you playing small? Well you need to stop. Tune in we discuss 3 approaches to being assertive, showing up as an equal amongst successful people, and presenting yourself in a manner that warrants respect.

“You can’t shrink your way to greatness!” — Seth Godin

On this episode of the BYLU Campaign podcast, Daniel and Nathan discuss "Don't Shrink!" the August article where Nate examines his bad habit of Shrinking around successful people. Tune in as we highlight 3 approaches to being assertive along with their goto phrases, discuss the importance of showing up as an equal and not as a coachee amongst successful people, and explain how to present yourself in a manner that warrants respect from people of all ages. 

Growth Takeaways: 

  • Respect yourself enough not to shrink! Embrace the value you bring to the relationship.
  • The truth shouldn’t mess up the relationship.
  • There is a difference between being authentic and obnoxious.
  • The Truth is Not Bragging! 

Time Stamped Topics:

  • [4:30] -  Intro  
  • [16:30] - Coachable Vs. Life-Long Learner 
  • [25:40] - Cutting People Off Vs. Setting Boundaries 
  • [34:00] - 3 Approaches to Being Assertive 
  • [43:40] - The Challenges of Being Young & Ambitious

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