21 Questions Pt. 2

May 21, 2019
Season 2 | Episode 10

Danny and Nate come prepared with another set of questions. Tune in as we discuss Danny's technique for managing relationships and Nate’s ability to navigate a variety of spaces while remaining authentic.

On this episode of the BYLU Campaign podcast, Daniel and Nathan come prepared with another set of questions as they double back with Part two of 21 Questions. Here we discuss Danny’s techniques for managing relationships, his perspective on smoking / not giving in to peer pressure, and finally his current dating life. Also, Nate’s ability to navigate in a variety of spaces while remaining authentic, his perspective on forgiveness and the origins of his high tolerance, and finally, his faith and perspective on Christianity. Tune in as we take up the importance of not compromising your values to gain respect, not blaming God for the flaws of man, and where dating falls on our list of priorities. 

The BYLU Takeaways:

  • Respect that requires you to compromise your values is not worthy.  
  • Checking in on people doesn’t take as much time as you think.
  • A change in location does not guarantee a shift in mindset or perspective.  
  • Title or position does not guarantee character, expertise, or quality.
  • It’s not your job to fix people’s flaws.

Time Stamped Topics:

  • [6:51] - Forgiveness - Nate’s High Tolerance
  • [17:31] - Managing Relationship - Checking in on Friends
  • [26:49] - Maintaining Authenticity in a Variety of Places
  • [37:39] - Drugs - Who Wants the Smoke?    
  • [54:42] - Nate’s Faith and Strong Christian Background
  • [1:05:01] - Are You Ready to Date

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