21 Questions

April 23, 2019
Season 2 | Episode 8

Danny and Nate get personal. Tune in as they come prepared with questions for one another. You're sure to get more context to their friendship and hear some interesting stories.

Have you ever noticed that the BYLU website doesn’t have an “about us” section? No links to our personal IG. Intentional or by chance? For the first two years, we focused on creating BYLU identity outside of ourselves, but now we’ve decided to share more about who we are. On this episode of the BYLU Campaign podcast, Daniel and Nathan come prepared with questions for one another. Here we discuss the origin of Daniel’s strong character as well as his decision to give his mom a retirement date, Nate’s persona and its authentic, and the negative experiences that have shaped them the most. Tune in as we provide more context to our friendship by sharing some interesting stories which range from the highs and lows.  

 The BYLU Takeaways:

  • Trust is built through honesty. Don’t lie to get out of trouble.
  • You can’t be successful without confidence.
  • If you’re a freshman going to college, get rooted first then branch out.
  • Don’t degrade yourself and your purpose just to make your family happy.
  • A traumatic event can only shape your life if you allow it. Unpack and heal.

Time Stamped Topics:

  • [5:30] - Origins of Danny’s Strong Charter/Moral Grounding
  • [16:50] - Nate’s Persona. Does Perro Get Knocked Down?
  • [25:25] - Friendship the perception of who brings more value to the table.
  • [40:50] - What if? Any Regrets? Anything Left Unsaid?  
  • [47:00] - Momma, When Do You Want to Retire?
  • [57:50] - What Negative Experience Has Shaped You the Most?  
  • [1:10:50] - Danny & Nate Almost Get into a Fight.

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