Unpacking and documenting the unspoken truths of the millennial journey

Who We Are

As millennials we are navigating a world that has drastically changed from the one of prior generations. The internet and other technological advancements have disrupted the traditional career path uprooting security and stability from the equation, replacing these career cornerstones with passion and creativity.

The BYLU, Boss Your Life Up, Campaign is a forward-thinking digital-media company for minority millennial professionals from diverse backgrounds and skill sets that aspire to have success in all areas of one’s life, what we refer to as the five BYLU pillars (intellectual, financial, physical, spiritual, and emotional).

We deliver substance based content that unpacks the unspoken truths of the millennial journey across all 3 content forms; written (blog), audio (podcast), and video (Youtube). Our audience consist of those who value peer to peer self-evaluation, recognize the shift taking place in society, and commit to self-improvement.

We acknowledge imperfections, celebrate growth, recognize the strength in vulnerability, and always strive to be authentic and relatable — showing up and allowing ourselves to be fully seen.

Our Mission

Build a community that serves as a catalyst for life development.

Our Vibe

A transparent space to share authentic stories in real time, failures included.

Our Promise

Challenge established thinking and societal norms.

Our Core

Live by principles that serve as the foundation for our values.

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